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Meet the ISTDP EVENTS team:

Dr Angela Cooper

Dr Angela CooperDr Angela Cooper is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist specialising in ISTDP. She is in her final year of CORE training with Dr Patricia Coughlin; which has significantly deepened her therapeutic knowledge, enabling her to treat a diverse range of mental health difficulties. In addition to her clinical work in the NHS, Dr Cooper runs a small private practice in which she undertakes assessments and provides therapy for a wide range of clinical presentations. She also offers supervision, teaching and training in ISTDP. She is a visiting lecturer at Nottingham University and is currently working on various research publications which focus on the process and mechanisms of change within psychotherapy.

Dr Cooper is committed to the dissemination and promotion of ISTDP as an integrated, open and inclusive model of therapy and is passionate about helping free people from their suffering. For general enquiries, supervision, teaching or training requests, she can be contacted via email on drcooper1@hotmail.com

Visit Dr Cooper’s website at www.drcooper1.com


Experiential Dynamic Therapy: A Preliminary Investigation Into the Effectiveness and Process of the Extended Initial Session – K. Aafjes-van Doorn, J. Macdonald, M. Stein, A. M. Cooper, and S. Tucker

Dr Rohan Naidoo

Dr Naidoo is a Clinical Psychologist who works both privately and for a mental health organisation in London. He has experience providing individual psychotherapy for a range of emotional difficulties, especially using an intensive short-term dynamic approach. Now in his final year of ISTDP training with Dr Coughlin, his particular area of interest is the relationship between personal identity and wellbeing. He can be contacted via email: drrjnaidoo@gmail.com


Dr Patricia Coughlin

Dr Patricia CoughlinDr. Patricia Coughlin (Della Selva), Ph.D. is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years of clinical experience.  In addition to seeing patients in her private practice, Dr. Coughlin conducts training and supervision groups for mental health professionals around the world. She has held faculty positions at Northwestern University Medical School, Albany Medical College and Thomas Jefferson School of Medicine. Currently, Dr Coughlin is a visiting scholar at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, training psychiatric residents and conducting research on the group treatment of chronic pain patients. Over the past 30 years, she has written professionally, given presentations at professional conferences and conducted workshops for mental health professionals around the world. Her current training groups take place in New Mexico, Norway and Sweden.

Her first book, Intensive Short term Dynamic Psychotherapy: Theory and Technique, is considered a classic in the field.  Dr. Coughlin’s newest book, Lives Transformed was written in collaboration with Dr. David Malan, and published in 2006 by Karnac Books.

She is now working on her third book, Enhancing Clinical Effectiveness in Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy.