Upcoming Events

September 5
Gothenberg, Sweden – Dr Patricia Coughlin will present a 1 day seminar: Pathological Mourning.  Sponsored by ISTDP Sweden

September 11-14
Stockholm, Sweden – Allan Abbass will present a 4 day immersion: Tackling Rapid Assessment and Handling of Resistance in Pyschotherapy

September 29 – October 2
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – Allan Abbass will present a 4 day immersion: Tackling ISTDP for Complex Populations

October 2014
New Core Training in Italy, with Allan Abbass & Jon Frederickson
The core training will consist of a four-day immersion with Allan and two three-day trainings (including supervision) with Jon every year for three years. In addition, Allan will also provide remote individual supervision for each participant which the whole group can watch.

The training is open to psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists interested in ISTDP and will be conducted in Florence and at a private villa in Tuscany. Everyone is invited to the Immersion with Allan Abbass in May, 2015. Please consider joining us then even if you do not sign up for the three-year core training.


  • First session with Jon Frederickson: October 14-16, 2014
  • Second session with Jon: Spring 2015 – Date TBD
  • Four Day Immersion with Allan Abbass in Florence: May 12-15, 2015

Please contact either Darylle Monnington daryllemonnington@gmail.com , or Kevin Campbell drkevincampbell@gmail.com if you are interested.

November 20 – 21
Copenhagen, Denmark – The 3. Nordic ISTDP Conference: ISTDP for treatment of resistant patients with personality disorders. See conference poster for further details: Nordic Conference 2014 – Poster

November 21 – 23
Christchurch, New Zealand – The Assessment and Treatment of Depression and Personality Disorders with ISTDP, with Dr Steve Arthey.  For more information visit: http://mcistdp.com.au/Workshops/GFISTDP-NZ/GF_NZ.html

  • Albany, New York: January 15-17; April 16-18; July 23-25 and October 15-17, 2015
  • Copenhagen, Denmark: March 12-14; May 31-June2; September 10-12; and December 3-5
  • Advanced Clinical training in London, England: March 10-12 and September 6-8
  • Advanced Clinical training in Copenhagen, Denmark: March 16-18 and September 14-16
  • Advanced training for teachers and supervisors: Albany, NY: April 20-24 and October 20-24

Email Dr. Coughlin directly at drpcoughlin@gmail.com for more information about the above training opportunities or visit Patricia’s wesbite for more details patriciacoughlin.com

January 12-13 2015

Immersion course in Davanloos ISTDP with Dr. Allan Abbass, in Copenhagen.

The subject is “ISTDP for treatment resistant depression” – click for poster here: Danish ISTDP Immersion with dr. Abbass (January 2015)